Care at home

A key aim of Better Together is to support people to remain independent for as long as possible, and for many this means being able to remain in their own homes, receiving care but reducing or delaying the need for that care to be delivered in acute settings such as hospitals or nursing homes. At its core, this portfolio’s focus is to help people remain in control, and will include well-coordinated local support for carers. This will be achieved by:

  • Review and continued implementation of the Care at Home contract.
  • Embedment of the Carers Strategy and the carers support service, using place-based profiles to determine the right services for the levels of need within each geographic profile.
  • Commission of a rapid response support team, to help avoid preventable hospital admissions for cared-for individuals who live in their own home, and two Service Improvement Managers to work closely with care home providers.
  • Investment in multiple elements of assistive technology within individuals’ care packages and as a falls prevention aid.
  • Recruitment of more occupational therapy staff and pilot early OT assessments as a means to avoiding future hospital admissions.
  • Exploring more opportunities for joint working, e.g. through joint health and social care direct payments, personal health budgets and integrated care packages.

Warwickshire Partners In Care »

A co-operative Care Resource website between the Warwickshire Association of Care Homes (WACH), Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and Social Services to provide easy access to a large directory of information and resources in guidance to the provision of care services.

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Warwickshire County Council’s online resource of services available to help people to remain in their own home.

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Warwickshire County Council’s online resource of services available to provide support for carers.