Care at home

A key aim of Better Together is to support people to remain independent for as long as possible, and for many this means being able to remain in their own homes, receiving care but reducing or delaying the need for that care to be delivered in acute settings such as hospitals or nursing homes. At its core, this portfolio’s focus is to help people remain in control, and will include well-coordinated local support for carers. This is being achieved by:

  • Development of the Domiciliary Care Service delivery model within the Care at Home contract to reflect support delivered based on outcomes.
  • Embedding the recommendations and outcomes from the full commissioning service review of the new contract that went live in August 2016.
  • Embedding the Carers’ Strategy and the commissioned carers support service using the JSNA place based profiles to determine the right services for the right levels of need within each geographical profile e.g. dementia prevalence/high levels of older frailer people.
  • Ensuring carer support is a strong feature of the emerging community hub models.
  • Commissioning

a) A rapid response End of Life Team

b) A Hospital to Home Service

  • Increased range of reasonable cost services (e.g. Assistive Technology and telehealth services) to continue a personalised approach to meeting needs within resources available and reducing the need for more expensive forms of care.
  • ICE – further integration of the ICE model to increase take up of Community Equipment and Assistive Technology to reduce the demand for more expensive services.