Accommodation with support

As part of the process of ensuring specialist services are directed where they are needed most, this portfolio will focus on delivering high quality, responsive residential and nursing care. This includes residential and nursing homes, extra care housing, discharge to assess and moving-on beds, plus new and innovative solutions like Shared Lives. This will be achieved by:

  • Building a single coordinated model for residential and nursing care, securing a fair and sustainable price for this care within the market, and co-producing (with customers and carers) a new respite model for those in residential care.
  • Redesign of the moving-on beds provision to more effectively support the transfer of people from an acute hospital to an alternative community setting, enabling the customer to make longer-term decisions.
  • Assessment of the current and future need for extra care housing, taking into account the role of dementia and ensuring there is sufficient Extra Care Housing in areas of the county that do not currently have that as an option.
  • Embedding and expanding the Shared Lives scheme, delivering 19 carers and 25 placements by 2020.
  • Development of a high quality workforce through training, improved provider relationships, market shaping and establishment of a joint health and social care dashboard to monitor key performance indicators.

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