“I had very high rent arrears, council tax debts and other debts.

“I was claiming for Employment Support Allowance with the Department of Work and Pensions with my partner, but was registered as a single person.

“This resulted in a very high over payment when our outgoings were already more than our income.

“Warwick District Council’s Sustaining Tenancies Team went through a budgeting sheet with us and talked a lot with us about how we could move forward in a very difficult situation, as my partner was suffering from lots of health problems and was off on long term sick leave.

“We agreed that the rent and the council tax were a priority and the first thing to do was to submit a claim for Housing Benefit and give them all the proof of income they needed, which the Team helped us with.

“An affordable repayment plan was set up so we could pay off our council tax debt.

“The Team helped us by making a new claim for Employment and Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payments, which we are now getting, and this has taken the pressure off our family so we can be better at managing our outgoings.

“The Team also supported us with food bank vouchers for a short time, but now we are getting the correct benefits we are more confident at budgeting and don’t need these anymore.”

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