“As we were current tenants of Warwick District Council, me and my brother were referred to the Resettlement Scheme as were living a 3 bedroom home and wanted to live in a smaller home after our mother passed away.

“The Warwick District Council Sustaining Tenancies Team started off by assessing what we needed and looking at the easiest and simplest way for us to downsize and get help with the move, as this was a very sad time for us.

“Once a suitable home became available, a member of the Team came with us to see the place and we agreed that it was much better suited to us and what we needed.

“The Team asked us what help we would need with the move, for example help with carpets and white goods, and also explained that we should try to get rid of small amounts of items that had been hoarded in our old house every week leading up to our move.

“The Team talked to us about our finances and explained that our new home would cost more to rent.

“They worked with us to help us to manage this increase in our outgoings, especially as my brother has learning difficulties so he has problems with understanding and managing money and doesn’t work.

“The Team helped us by organising removals, carpet fittings, setting up our new utility connections and council tax, and made sure everything ran smoothly so we had as little stress as possible.

“The Team continue to visit us to make sure we are happy, are managing our new tenancy and are able to keep up with our rent.”

We’re working together in Warwickshire to support you to:

  • be independent

  • be resilient

  • have suitable housing

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