“I had very high rent arrears and I was facing being sent to court.

“Warwick District Council’s Sustaining Tenancies Team completed a budget plan to support me, showing me where I needed to manage my money a bit better.

“They then completed a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) application for me and worked with the district council’s Housing Advice Team to see what my options were for moving home.

“A £100 a week payment plan was set up and the Sustaining Tenancies Team kept in regular contact with me, helping to monitor my payments until I got them back on track.

“The Team also made contact with the Warwickshire County Council Social Worker that was linked to my family to discuss the potential court proceedings and how they could work together to make sure I stayed in my home.

“My Housing Benefit and Discretionary Housing Payment applications were successful, which brought me into credit and gave me the option to stop the payment plan.

“The Team also worked with tenancy officers to help me to de-clutter my back garden, as this was causing an issue with my neighbours.

“I had some repair arrears and the Team advised me to make regular payments to pay off this debt and encouraged me to move to a larger home.

“I was now in a better position and the court proceedings were halted.

“To support me and my eight children to move to a larger home, the Team showed me how to complete a Home Choice application and how to use the website to place bids.”

We’re working together in Warwickshire to support you to:

  • be independent

  • be resilient

  • have suitable housing