“My local Councillor contacted the Housing department at Warwick District Council as he was concerned that I was struggling to get to my two bedroom first floor flat as I had developed osteoarthritis in my major joints, poor sight and deafness.

“I had lived in my home for 20 years as a Warwick District Council tenant and had a live in carer.

“An Occupational Therapist from Warwick District Council’s Home Environment Assessment and Response Team and the Housing Advice Team visited me and reported back that, because of the steep narrow steps, it was not possible or safe for a stair lift to be fitted.

“I had unstable knee joints and poor grip and I was becoming very anxious about possibly falling up or down the stairs or tripping over my mobility scooter, which was stored in the small stairwell.

“I was also worried that my carer might hurt themselves trying to support me up and down the stairs.

“A request was made for me to get a direct offer of either a two bedroom ground floor flat or a first floor flat with a stair lift.

“An officer from private sector housing noted that there was a two bedroom flat available but there was no separate corridor between the rooms.

“This meant that if a fire broke out in the living room or the kitchen, I wouldn’t be able to escape and my carer would not be able to reach me.

“Because of this fire risk, I was offered temporary accommodation and the private landlord was advised to install extra smoke detectors and change the layout of the flat before letting it out again.

“I was found a suitable first floor two bedroom flat close to where I had lived for 20 years, so I was familiar with the area, and a stair lift was fitted for me soon after.”

We’re working together in Warwickshire to support you to:

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