“I helped to improve an area of Warwickshire woodland, restoring the woods so local school children can use them for environmental education, and people with dementia and their carers can use them for calm relaxation.

“I’m a local volunteer for Age UK Warwickshire, and we were helped by teams from local businesses, spending the winter and spring with shovels and wheelbarrows, clearing overgrown areas and putting down new, safer, paths and re-creating a woodland pond.

“The pond alone required 10,000 litres of water to be refilled, which had to be brought to the site in a huge tanker.

“Me and the other volunteers will continue to maintain the woodland.

“The improvements were supported with grants from Leamington Spa Town Council and other organisations.”

We’re working together in Warwickshire to support you to:

  • have the right skills

  • be resilient

  • be healthy