“In summer 2017 I was homeless, and then spent a couple of weeks living in hotel rooms.

“Warwick District Council’s Housing Advice and Homeless Prevention Team helped me move into a disabled adapted room in supported housing, where the Accommodation Officer provided me with a food parcel, settled me in and made sure I kept in touch with the Team, letting them know how I was getting on.

“Because of my ill health, I was referred to Warwickshire County Council’s Adult Social Care.

“They knew about me but I hadn’t been in touch with them because I didn’t want to admit that I was vulnerable. I was also referred to Warwickshire Housing Related Support – Together for Mental Wellbeing.

“The Team worked with the Social Worker from Adult Social Care and kept in regular contact, letting them know if they had any concerns about my wellbeing.

“I got extra help with cooking and day-to-day living tasks, and help with benefits claims and paying my service charges.

“I went to view a new property with some people from HEART North and Housing Related Support – Together for Mental Health in June 2018 and, following an assessment by Occupational Therapists, some adaptations were installed to help me.

“I now get ongoing support from Adult Social Care and the Warwickshire Housing Related Support – Together for Mental Wellbeing Team.”

We’re working together in Warwickshire to support you to:

  • be independent

  • be resilient

  • be healthy

  • get housing with support