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Coronavirus update: How to help yourself

We can all take steps to help protect ourselves and others against viruses, including COVID-19. Whilst it is important to feel reassured that the UK is very well prepared for more cases of COVID-19, we can all be taking action … Read more »

Quality End of Life course success

Congratulations to staff from Galanos House Nursing Home, Bromson Hill Nursing Home, Cedar Lodge Nursing Home, Plan-It Home Care and Caremark, on completing the six-month Quality End of Life Care for All (QELCA©) programme. The QELCA© programme was designed by … Read more »

Helping customers to be the best they can be

To continue to promote WCC’s objectives to keep people safe, healthy and independent, this month we are highlighting how the people we work with can help themselves to be the best they can be. Using #LiveYourBestLife, advice and guidance is being shared throughout the … Read more »

Benefits of NHS Mail

Warwickshire County Council and the local CCGs are currently working closely together to support Warwickshire care providers in signing up for free NHS Mail accounts. Use of NHS Mail facilitates the safe and secure exchange of confidential information between key … Read more »

#TakeCareOfYou this February

Independence can be empowering – giving people the ability to make decisions for themselves.  However, levels of independence can change as a result of mental or physical health. Taking small steps to maintain independence is important, so throughout February, WCC … Read more »