Warm and Well this Winter

Act On Energy have been successful in obtaining another 2 year contract to deliver Warwickshire’s Warm and Well service, providing Warm and Well support and advice to Warwickshire residents.

Act on Energy provide free services to residents to help them keep their homes warm through the cold, winter months.

All residents across Warwickshire can call upon Act on Energy for information, advice and guidance about how they can save money on their heating bills and practical tips on how to keep their homes warm.

Act on Energy also provide advice for vulnerable residents about whether they are entitled to physical intervention services, including eligibility for heating and insulation measures.

Residents who fall into the eligibility criteria for physical intervention services, include:

  • Individuals with a long-term condition (circulatory, respiratory, neurological, renal or liver conditions, and diabetes)
  • Individuals with a mental health condition
  • Pregnant women
  • Households with children aged 16 and under
  • Individuals in receipt of disability-related benefit
  • Households dependent on benefits/on low incomes

The physical intervention services are targeted at households where at least one of the permanent residents/the household itself fall(s) into one/more of the listed risk groups 1-5 AND also falls into risk group 6. Provision of physical measures are targeted at only owner occupiers or occupiers of private rented properties.

For more information about Act on Energy, and tips to stay warm in the winter, you can read the information leaflet here.

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