Trusted Assessor role celebrates one year anniversary

Warwickshire County Council’s Trusted Assessor role has now been operating for a full year.

There are currently 4 Trusted Assessors in post who are available to carry out preliminary assessments of need for those patients awaiting discharge from hospital into a residential home.

The Trusted Assessor concept is a growing one with many similar schemes being developed across the country to assist in facilitating effective hospital discharges and ensuring that people are transferred to the right care setting in an efficient and safe manner.

· The service is optional and is provided free of charge to providers

· The care home manager still gets final decision on whether to accept the resident

· You are welcome to still come out and see the resident if you feel this is necessary

As of September 2019 the team have processed 366 assessments for over 50 different care homes with more homes getting on board all the time.

The majority of assessments are completed by the Trusted Assessors and accepted by the care home within 24 hours, therefore contributing to a more efficient discharge.

Feedback from homes utilising the service has been very positive with particular praise for the efficiency of the service, the quality and trustworthiness of their assessments and the professional relationships with individual assessors.

The Trusted Assessors are co-located with the Hospital Social Care teams across Warwickshire and also have a very good working relationship with the social workers and social care practitioners.

This enables the customers to achieve the right outcome and facilitate a safe admission into the residential bed or moving on bed. The Trusted Assessors receive regular one to one supervision sessions from the Hospital Social Care Team Leaders and to develop their skills and knowledge attend training or CPD sessions internally within their hospital social care colleagues.

Providers can refer for an assessment or simply find out more by contacting the team directly. The team would be happy to visit your home to discuss further and develop knowledge of your service. A key part of the role is developing knowledge of the market and building relationships with individual care home managers, therefore facilitating the most effective assessments.

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