What is the Carers Wellbeing Service?

The Carers Wellbeing Service, delivered by Carers Trust, is a service commissioned by WCC to provide information and support to unpaid carers within Warwickshire.








Who are carers?

The term ‘Carer’ can often be confusing. We use it in terms of someone who provides support for a relative or friend who has a disability, long-term illness or other additional needs. Sometimes the term ‘Carer’ can get mixed up for those who work for care agencies and care homes.

Carers can include a parent supporting a child with a learning disability, an adult supporting a parent with dementia, a husband caring for his wife who has a physical disability or a child who is relied on by their parent who has a mental health condition. We provide support for Carers in similar roles and many more. Carers do not receive a wage although a small number of Carers are eligible to receive Carers Allowance. For some being a Carer will be a relatively short part of their lives but for others their Caring role may last for many decades: in all cases, we are here to support Carers.

There are over 80,000 carers in Warwickshire, each of which has their own needs. As such we aim to offer a wide menu of services. .

Carers Trust Heart of England exists to improve the lives of unpaid family carers in Warwickshire and the people they care for.

Our vision is that unpaid carers count and can access the help they need to live their lives.

How we can help you

We meet carers’ individual needs by providing information, advice  and support including:

  • issues that concern carers, including money and benefits, aids and adaptations and your rights at work
  • A listening ear to talk through your situation to meet your individual needs helping you plan to cope with your caring role.
  • Access to our Warwickshire CRESS service – FREE emergency and planned cover that offers peace of mind that the person you care will be looked after if you aren’t able to.
  • Wellbeing checks and Assessments which help to
  • identify any needs you may have as a carer our any training you may benefit from.
  • Support groups to put you in touch with other carers.
  • Up-to-date information about local services and how to access them including practical support such as replacement care and respite.
  • Carers Emergency card
  • Access to discounted services
  • Regular e-bulletins – keeping you up to date with the latest carer news.

There is a range of support available to carers across Warwickshire. If you want to find out about the support the Carers Trust can offer, please contact us using the below contact details:

024 7663 29 72 – Option 2



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