Care Companion: new online resource launched

There are currently around seven million people regularly taking care of family and friends in the UKthat is one in ten and this number is rising.

The support and wellbeing of people with caring responsibilities is something that is being addressed with the introduction of a new online resource called Care Companion.

Care Companion was designed by Warwick Medical School and a panel of carers with contributions from WCC, Age UK and the NHS. This useful tool provides the carer with a secure and confidential day-to-day personal profile.

In addition to allowing the carer to update the cared for person’s condition, with handy resources to help with queries and questions, there is a diary for the carer to record thoughts and feelings day-by-day and a mood monitor to encourage them to be aware of their wellbeing.  The resource, re-launched in April 2019, has been rolled out across Coventry and Warwickshire and is free to use.

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