Updates rolled out to EMS Plus system

Updates are currently being rolled out to the EMS Plus system being used across Warwickshire for homes to record and share their bed vacancy information.

Following feedback from system users, the way the information is recorded is changing. The process of logging in and updating will remain the same, however you will now be able to break down the specific bed types being offered by your home.

Advantages of the new format include:

  • A more consistent format which is fit for purpose for all care home providers
  • Further reducing unnecessary phone calls to your home as health and social teams can see
    which specific bed types you have available
  • Allowing you to more accurately define the type of care you offer, including your client
  • Fewer fields to complete which are not relevant to care homes

The update is being implemented in a phased manner, therefore if you have not already been
approached about the changes you will hear more in the near future. We will let you know when it is
happening and provide guidance around how to use the new format.

Please ensure that you have a live EMS login and are updating your bed vacancy information
regularly. If you need any help please contact lornaallen@warwickshire.gov.uk who can support

  • Setting up user accounts for new homes on the system
  • Setting up second logins (for example if you need another account to cover annual leave or
  • Reactivating your user account (if you are using the correct login details, it may be that your
    account has become deactivated through inactivity)
  • Support around how to use the system and update your bed vacancy information

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