Are you in the loop with Deaf Awareness?

We’ve just had Deaf Awareness Week, an annual event organised by the UK Council of Deafness to raise awareness and challenge perceptions of hearing loss and deafness.

With this in mind, the Housing Learning and Improvement Network have published a useful guide called ‘In the loop? Ten things managers of Extra Care Housing should know about hearing loops’ – but the advice applies to other care settings, too.

Induction loop systems are a way of helping people with hearing loss hear speech more clearly in certain circumstances, by beaming sound from a microphone directly into the person’s hearing aid(s).

They can be wonderful, transmitting sound from across the room directly into your ears, but staff need to know how they work… including that they are powered by electricity (not magic!) and you need to know where the microphone is!

To download the ‘In the loop?’ guide in full, click here: In the Loop Housing LIN guide

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