Thank you for using the Red Bags!

A huge thank you to all those homes that are already signed up to the Red Bag scheme in Warwickshire and have been putting them into practice!

There has been some good feedback and we have already seen some Red Bags returned from hospitals with patients with everything included.

Galanos House in Southam were one of the homes that were pleased to use the Red Bag successfully.

Jo-Anne Wilson, Home Manager, said: “The resident didn’t need to stay in for long but the Red Bag followed them, came back with them and had all the paperwork completed.

“The paramedics knew about the scheme and were as keen as we were to put the Red Bag into action. The carer, who accompanied the resident to hospital, was reassured that all the information that might be needed was to hand and current.

“Having been on the working party for implementing the Red Bag scheme, it was good to see it being used successfully.”

There have been a few teething problems with some hospitals, either not sending all the documents back or continuing to make telephone calls, so we are continuing to work with our health partners so the Red Bag is fully embedded in Warwickshire.

Don’t forget you can find out more about the Red Bag scheme and download lots of resources here:

We had to smile recently when we read on the Vogue website that singing star Rita Ora had launched a ‘red bag’ with fashion label Escada!

Our Red Bag in Warwickshire may not be designer, but it is vibrant red! It’s also an essential accessory for care home residents who need hospital care.

We think the staff of Caldwell Grange look very glamorous holding our Red Bags! Why not ‘strike a pose’ with the Red Bags being used in your care home and send the photos to us? Email

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