Improvements to Direct Payments for Adult Social Care customers

Warwickshire County Council is introducing a new and improved way to help people manage the ongoing Direct Payments they receive for their care and support: a prepaid card.

A prepaid card is similar to a debit or credit card, but there is no credit or overdraft facility.

It will provide a more efficient and speedy process for getting money to Direct Payment customers as payments are made straight into the account by Adult Social Care and Support.

It will also improve how the Council monitors payments and reduce the amount of paperwork customers are requested to send into the Council on a quarterly basis.

The card can be used to pay for services and support that meets customers’ needs and outcomes, as agreed in their support plan, in person (using chip and pin), by standing order or direct debit, or by bank transfer via the internet or telephone.

It is a secure and easy way to make payments for care and support. Customers can check their account balances online, by text message or via the telephone. The account does not have a chequebook.

Providers will need to tell the customer how they will accept payment when making their arrangements e.g. regular standing orders or direct debits. The Direct Payment recipient must agree to the provider keeping their details.

Providers should be aware that the Direct Payment recipient must keep copies of agency invoices, the payroll information for their Personal Assistants (if they use The Rowan Organisation they will receive copies from them four-weekly and they also keep a copy), evidence of any other expenditure and cash expenditure such as receipts. Providers should help the customer to do this by providing this evidence.

New Direct Payments recipients will be able to sign up for the prepaid card from this month and existing adult customers will transfer across later in 2019.

For more information on Direct Payments, including Frequently Asked Questions, visit

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