Hand hygiene initiative sees 100% improvement

Linden Grange Residential Home took part in a joint 90 day quality improvement initiative in collaboration with George Eliot Hospital (GEH).

The overall aim of the improvement collaborative was to reduce the incidence of E. coli infections.

The UK Government in 2016 made a decision to reduce gram negative bacteraemia, predominately E. coli, by 50% by 2021.

Whilst we know that hand washing is one of the most single important factors in preventing the spread of infection, it can be overlooked especially in busy care homes and on hospital wards.

The project aimed to improve hand hygiene compliance of patients at mealtimes on four wards at GEH and residents within Linden Grange. Linden Grange also focused on staff hand hygiene when joining residents at mealtimes.

Following auditing, education, changing culture and practices, hand hygiene for residents at Linden Grange improved by 100%.

This was an excellent achievement and Linden Grange have now pledged to continue to monitor their hand hygiene practices, introduce ‘hand hygiene staff champions’ and complete regular hand hygiene audits.

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