Domiciliary Care: Success stories show #YouCanCare!

Our Domiciliary Care Referral Team recently received this excellent success story from provider Continuity Healthcare, which demonstrates how rewarding a role in care can be.

“Over Christmas week, Continuity Healthcare staff cared for a young man who has a range of conditions and who needs to be restrained sometimes. He has made himself almost completely blind due to self-harm. He finds it almost impossible to communicate his needs and this leads him to sometimes become aggressive. He struggles to understand anything and is virtually a prisoner inside his own body. He has lots of other difficulties too. His care needs are judged to be the most complex you can have.

“After starting to feel secure with his two care staff, the young man wanted them both to hold him (that’s how he feels secure) and wouldn’t let them go as he liked them so much. His mother called Continuity Healthcare to tell them about her joy at seeing such a thing and to tell them how amazing these two carers have been.

“The relief from his mother was so strong – knowing that in future she won’t have to struggle on her own because his carers will be there. This has been a total triumph for Continuity Healthcare and shows what we are capable of.”

Many people have preconceived ideas about what caring for a person is all about. #YouCanCare Week (25th February – 3rd March) is held each year to raise awareness of how rewarding a role in care is. The campaign message is that if you’re caring, compassionate and love people, then #YouCanCare!

We’re encouraging our providers to get involved throughout the week and use the #YouCanCare hashtag to share your inspirational stories about working in care.

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