Warwickshire Nutrition & Hydration Standards for Care Homes: Training courses available now!

The Nutrition & Hydration Standards were launched in June 2018 with the aim to promote excellent nutrition and hydration in all of Warwickshire’s care homes.

This collaboration by Health and Social care aims to improve the health of all care home residents, reduce the cost of prescribed nutritional supplements and ensure that care home staff across Warwickshire have the skills and competencies required to support care home residents in maintaining good nutrition and hydration.

Training courses for Care Home managers, staff and caterers are available in Warwickshire now! This training has been written by Registered Dietitians to help care home staff to put these standards into practice.

For managers, nursing and care staff:

20th Feb 2019 – Malnutrition in Care Homes: Identification, Prevention and Treatment

Hatters Space Community Centre, Nuneaton CV11 5DN, 9.30am – 3.30pm

This practical session gives nursing staff, care staff and managers the knowledge and skills to support residents at risk of malnutrition.


  • Achieving a healthy balanced diet
  • The importance of good hydration
  • Factors that can affect nutritional intake including the dining environment
  • How to accurately screen for malnutrition using MUST
  • Measures that can be implemented to help prevent and treat malnutrition

For chefs and catering staff:

11th April 2019 – A Caterer’s guide to preparing nourishing meals and snacks

Hatters Space Community Centre, Nuneaton CV11 5DN, 9am – 1pm

This practical session enables care home catering staff to meet the nutritional needs of all residents.


  • How malnutrition can be minimised through nourishing approaches
  • Ways to improve the nutritional content of a diet through principles of food fortification
  • Understanding the practicalities of supporting individuals with eating and drinking
  • Awareness of some therapeutic diets – gluten free, diabetes and modified consistency

For dates, bookings and more information visit the CETA Health Training website www.cetahealth.co.uk

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Nutrition and Hydration Standards for Care Homes training advert

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