SWFT ‘go live’ with Electronic Patient Record

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust’s Out of Hospital services have now gone live with an Electronic Patient Record called EMIS. This means that all of their teams have a single, shared patient record enabling them to manage patient information safely and securely.

With the implementation of EMIS, case notes are no longer left in the patient’s home. The Trust recognises that this will impact on other agencies and has made the following arrangements to support partners:

  1. Staff will complete a Care Agreement with patients so they have a summary of the care they will be receiving and what they have agreed to do themselves; There is also has a section for other partners  to use .
  2. Medication sheets, RESPECT forms and Advance care plans remain in the patients home as before.
  3. The staff are completing the care plans on EMIS and these can be sent by email to partners if preferred.
  4. Future plans for Information Sharing Agreements could be signed to allow partners to have read access to EMIS.

If you have any questions about this or would like any more information, please contact:

Rosie McDonnell, Head of Nursing – rosie.mcdonnell2@swft.nhs.uk

Debbie Martin, General Manager – Debbie.Martin@swft.nhs.uk

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