Warwickshire Trusted Assessor – Mythbusters

Warwickshire County Council is pleased to announce that the Care Homes Trusted Assessor role has gone live.

Our first Trusted Assessor joined us in August and has been busy meeting with various Care Home providers, social care and hospital teams ever since.

You may have previously heard about the role during its development over the past few months, or you may have even met with them as, during induction, they have been engaging extensively with the market and building knowledge about how providers operate.

Introducing Reggie Pearson

“I started my career in health care 18 years ago as a residential support worker, following this I moved to a hospital and more clinical setting where I have built up substantial experience in assessing patients in an acute setting.

“During this time, having also completed my Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care (Coventry University), I went on to complete a BSc with Honours in Public Health (2016).

“By earning your trust and then working together in a multitude of ways, we can improve residents/clients/patients experiences and care, reduce hospital pressures and meet care home targets for excellence.”

As the term ‘Trusted Assessment’ can have different meanings in various contexts across the health and social care system, it is timely to clarify the Warwickshire Model and the aims of the role.

Our model is closest to those established in areas such as Lincolnshire where the Trusted Assessor duplicates the part of the process currently carried out by providers.

The Warwickshire Model

The Warwickshire Model is a distinct role of its own where the Trusted Assessors will carry out preliminary assessments of need on behalf of providers, for hospital patients who are medically fit and eligible for discharge into a 24 hour care home setting.

They will act as an essential link between all those involved in the discharge process, providing an independent perspective while keeping the wellbeing of customers central at all times.

The aims of the role are:

  • Reducing delayed transfers of care (DToC) from acute settings and improving flow through the system
  • Ensuring assessments are completed in a timely fashion and patients are discharged to a suitable care setting to meet their needs
  • Freeing up time and resources for care home managers to concentrate on running their service and meeting the needs of their residents
  • Improving the patient experience during the discharge process
  • Facilitating an effective discharge process in general (including identifying any blockages) to ensure patients are discharged speedily, effectively and safely.

Mythbusting – Trusted Assessment is:

Not about forcing trusted assessment on providers. Participation is totally optional, and no provider will be penalised for not taking part. Providers can still come out and assess if they wish, and always have the final decision on whether to accept residents.

Not about slowing up the discharge process. The Trusted Assessor is not meant to change the outcome of a discharge, just speed it up. The result should be the same as if the provider assessed the patient themselves.

Not about replacing assessment for eligibility of need. Trusted assessment does not replace statutory duties, and any assessment for eligibility is still carried out by relevant practitioners (including eligibility for CHC). The role is only designed to replicate the process currently carried out by providers.

Not about sourcing placements or discussing costs. The Trusted Assessor has no role in brokering placements, and only becomes involved once a placement has been sourced. Any discussions around costs remain with the social worker.

Not about moving people from hospital without the right support in place. The laws and guidance still apply in terms of patients being medically fit and having the right support and consent in place before discharge.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Warwickshire’s Trusted Assessment scheme, or wish to utilise the resource, you can speak to:

Reginald Pearson (Trusted Assessor): reginaldpearson@warwickshire.gov.uk 07584 336419

Jon Crowley (Strategic Commissioning): joncrowley@warwickshire.gov.uk 01926 412175

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