Warwickshire Residential and Nursing Home EMS Bed Availability Tool

  • Over 1,000 available residential and nursing home beds in Warwickshire can now be viewed on the NHS’s online Escalation Management Solution (EMS).
  • The information is updated daily before 9.30am.
  • D2A (Discharge to Assess), Moving On Beds and the availability of some privately funded beds can also be viewed.
  • Further rollout of the system is planned as part of Phase 2.
  • EMS Plus is free to register for and to use.
  • Any local authority or NHS member of staff can access the system to help manage patient flow  (This system is not available to access by the general public).

Bed Availability Tool to reduce Delayed Transfer of Care (DToC) in Warwickshire

EMS is an online tool that shows the availability of beds in residential and nursing homes each day and it is now available to use in Warwickshire as part of continued efforts to reduce the number of delayed discharges for hospital patients.

The EMS Bed Availability Tool is one of the functions of the NHS’s online Escalation Management Solution (EMS), which monitors operational pressures across the whole Health and Social Care system. It helps partners involved in patient care to have better discussions and make informed decisions about patients’ discharge.

The benefits are improved patient flow and better support for individuals to return to their usual place of residence as soon as they are ready to do so.

The EMS Bed Availability Tool is being promoted and endorsed by Warwickshire’s DToC (Delayed Transfer of Care) project, which is part of ‘Better Together’, a Warwickshire initiative funded by the national Better Care Fund.

How does the EMS Bed Availability Tool work?

The Tool enables users to view current bed availability information for residential and nursing homes across Warwickshire, reducing the need for numerous daily phone calls to each home – “The Ring Round” by hospital discharge teams.

The system is very simple to access and use. The bed availability data is updated daily by the care homes, before 9:30am each day. This gives all users a clear “snapshot” of the bed availability at that time daily.

The system can also be updated at any time of the day should the vacancy situation change.

This is critical to the success of the EMS Bed Availability Tool and reducing the number of days that patients are delayed in the system.

Summary of benefits of the EMS Bed Availability Tool

• All bed information is in one place – including long and short term vacancies, and both block and spot bed provision, as well as a number of privately funded beds.
• Bed vacancy information is submitted/confirmed every morning before 9:30am, as a minimum requirement, but it can also be amended at any time when the bed status changes.
• The data also includes step down beds such as D2A (Discharge to Assess) and Moving On Beds.
• Bed vacancies can be filtered by location, including visually, on the embedded interactive bed location map of Warwickshire.
• A daily update on vacancies can be automatically sent to the user’s email address to ensure they always have the most up to date picture of bed availability in the area.

• The system allows for forward planning as it also shows planned home admissions and discharges in the next seven days.
• EMS Plus is also available as an App, so staff can view bed availability while on the move.

At the moment, the system contains bed vacancy information from D2A, Moving On Beds and social care block bed providers only, but will continue to be rolled out to all care home providers in the coming months.

Please note, the EMS Bed Availability Tool is used for viewing bed vacancy levels, not for accessing the beds. Waiting lists and access to specific services such as Warwickshire County Council block beds, D2A Beds and Moving On Beds will remain the same. Access to all other vacant beds should be discussed directly with providers as before.

How to register on EMS

To register an EMS account, go to the link below and click on ‘Register’. You will be asked to select the specific services you wish to view. Following your account approval, you will be able to see all applicable bed vacancies.
If you need help accessing or using the system please contact the Regional Capacity Management Team, email rcmt@nhs.net.

For details of how to register or use the system, email danielbates1@nhs.net (NHS Regional Capacity Manager for Arden/Hereford/Worcester) or web search EMSPlus.nhs.uk.

Download the poster here: WCBT Warwickshire Residential and Nursing Home EMS Bed Availability Tool

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