Warwickshire Cares Better Together

Welcome to Better together

What difference will this make to the residents of Warwickshire?

Joined up and sustainable services deliver better care and a better experience for all involved – not only those directly receiving services, but also their families, carers and the staff delivering those services.

Today, people are living longer, sometimes with a range of needs and long-term conditions that mean they may require more support. As Warwickshire’s population grows and ages, and in times of financial challenge across the public sector, the more that organisations can work together, the better. Better Together is an efficient, integrated and effective health and social care authority for Warwickshire, ready to support people in their time of need.

Warwickshire health and social care services are working together to:

  • Help people manage their own care
  • Deliver better care closer to home
  • Reduce inappropriate non elective admissions to hospital, long term residential / nursing care and delays to transfers of care (when leaving hospital).
  • Improve the effectiveness of reablement and rehabilitative services to support people to stay in their own homes

To find out more about our ambitions to support Warwickshire people, please click on the coloured circles on the diagram to your left.

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